All to often I notice that maintainers of js libraries submitted to npm or bower tend to minify and uglify their distribution files.

This makes it difficult for implementors to go about debugging their code during development time.

As a rule of thumb, don't minify your distribution files, concatenating them is fine; let the implementor decide to make minification/uglifying part of their build process.

Excerpt out of the bower spec:

link to: bower.json spec

Image and font files may be used or referenced within the JS or Sass files, but are not main files as they are not entry-points.

  • Use source files with module exports and imports over pre-built distribution files.

  • Do not include minified files.

  • Do not include assets files like images, fonts, audio, or video

  • Filenames should not be versioned (Bad: package.1.1.0.js; Good: package.js).

  • Globs like js/*.js are not allowed.